Evolution of MJD’s Offense

Ever wondered how the Jags offense has evolved since drafting MJD?

I saw this done with another NFL team and below is a chart showcasing the top five offensive players for the Jags, pretty much whilst MJD has been a part of the Jaguars franchise (plus one additional season for good measure).

The figures only include Receivers’ and Running Back’s. Reason being that QB’s would have quite obviously dominated the list if I included their passing figures.

Apologies, the chart is not the easiest to read but using the legend on the right I’m sure you’ll get the general idea. Basically since 2006 MJD has been an instrumental part of the Jags offense. Granted last season his figures went down due to injury yet despite only starting five games he was the fourth most potent offensive weapon. There’s no denying the lad is a great runner.


What can we take away from the chart?

Sadly we’ve started to see a downard turn in total yards from our five best weapons in the past two seasons. 2010 was in fact one of our best years, Del Rio’s final season in charge.

Total yards from the best WR’s/RB’s inversely affects the Jaguars total wins. Look at the wins from 2012 backwards; 2, 5, 8, 7, 5, 11, 8, 12. Now look at the chart, excusing the anomaly that was 2005 (perhaps 2006 too), when wins went up so did the effectiveness of the players. When the losses mounted up our best five struggled to gain much ground in the yardage stakes.

Looking past MJD other notable players include Marcedes Lewis, Fred Taylor, Mike Thomas and I would say Ernest Wilford too. Perhaps Matt Jones on a good day can be included in the list also. Fred Taylor is especially interesting, you can see the transition from him to MJD taking place in the 2005 to 2008 seasons, with MJD taking the reins in 2009.

Without a doubt though one thing that the bars tell us is that the Jaguars mentality has generally been run first, pass second. Something that needs to change even with a fit and healthy MJD (2009, 2010 & 2005 being the exceptions). A great team is one that can operate both through the air and on the ground.

It’ll be interesting to see how much of the 2013 chart Shorts takes up as he made up a big part of the 2012 offense. Not an amazing feat granted, but good all the same. Blackmon was another one who shone, alas he misses four games but MJD missed 11 and still finished fourth in total yards from scrimmage.

What Gus needs to realise is that if he wants wins, then he needs his top 5 weapons operating effectively. Get all of them firing on all cylinders’ and the results will take care of themselves. At a guess I think the top 5 in 2013 will be MJD, Shorts, Blackmon, Lewis and perhaps even Sanders.


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